Check out this magical luxury vacation rental in Santa Fe. It’s called the Santa Fe Hobbit House, aptly named for its whimsical architecture and artistic mosaic details. Terry and Sheila Northway have multiple businesses and don’t need the extra work of keeping their website secure, especially in these digitally scary times. So we came up with a site to replace their old HTML version and we launched it in March of 2017. We took the content off the old site and re-framed it with a more sophisticated, mobile-friendly theme that is available for free. Terry and Sheila opted for the $99/year premium plan which gave them the ability to use their domain name and gave me more styling freedom than the free plan. All the plans are hosted by WordPress and include security updates. As a 20-year web designer, I was thrilled to be freed from all the steps I usually take that include security considerations. Given that, and the limited design options, we got the site done in little more than half the time I usually spend.

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