SSL Certificate Activation Service

Greetings! You may know that Google is implementing a new algorithm to penalize sites that have forms or ecommerce but don’t have SSL certificates. For more information, read my blog post: Get an SSL to Avoid Google’s Wrath in Jan ’17, This change on Google’s part is part of a long-term plan to penalize all sites without the https:// in their URL, but only http://.

The process of securing your site with an SSL can be simple or complex, depending on your host and the way your website was built. I’m offering this service for anyone with a Joomla or WordPress site, with a fee starting at $65. If you are one of my clients, I should have all the login information I need in order to give you a quote. If I didn’t build your website, you will need to give me your login information for the admin area as well as  your host, and possibly your registrar. Once I get under the hood, I’ll be able to give you a quote for helping you acquire and activate an SSL certificate. The quote will cost you nothing.

Please visit my contact page and put in the message that you would like a quote for the SSL service, along with your phone number. In the meantime, gather your login information. I will call you for the credentials and get a quote to you as soon as possible.