If you are looking for a web designer who will listen to you and turn your vision into reality, Hope Kiah of Santa Fe Web Designs is the designer you’ve been looking for.

In the twenty years I’ve been in business, I’ve worked with several web designers. All of them asked me to send them examples of websites I liked so they could get a better idea of what I was looking for, but none of them ever really understood what I was looking for. They always seemed more concerned with what they liked, trying to sell me a site I didn’t feel strongly about. Hope isn’t like that.

Hope is the only designer I’ve worked with who understood what I was looking for. With me being in Flagstaff and Hope in Santa Fe, we had many conversations on the phone discussing the site and my company and products. I sent her examples of sites I liked and we talked about the different looks and features of each. Hope listened. She asked pointed questions. Basically, she took the time to learn about me, my business and my ideas for my website. And then, she took what she learned, added her own boundless and distinctive creativity, and produced a site that far exceeded my expectations.

In other words, Hope got it. She got me and what I was trying to do. She understood what I wanted my site to say to my customers and then put that into the look, feel and functionality of the site. She is the only designer who ever got it.

I first found Hope Kiah and Santa Fe Wed Designs on the internet. I knew nothing about her, but I liked the look and feel of the sites she had designed that were examples on her website. And after talking with her and discussing my site, I liked her and how well we were communicating, key to a successful design, and felt she would do a great job. What I didn’t know is how well respected Hope is in the Santa Fe business community. I learned this only after moving to Santa Fe and getting involved with the local business community here. That’s when I learned that Hope is considered to be one of the best web designers and internet experts in the region. How reassuring that I had made the right choice by selecting Hope to design my site.

It is safe to say that I will continue to use Hope’s services as my business grows and becomes more established here in Santa Fe. I like her work and you will, too.

Bruce Sawyer, Owner
Touch the Southwest Luxury Tours & Excursions