Web Design Pricing and Workflow

Now that I’m in love with building WordPress.com sites, I’m able to build sites with half a dozen pages for about $1k plus tax, depending on several factors. Pricing is based on $130/hour fee. I’m efficient and experienced, with final costs that compare EXTREMELY favorably to the other design companies, with my sites often coming in thousands of dollars less. Click to Call 505.466.4447 Full-featured WordPress sites often cost around $2500, including basic search engine optimization, a blog, social media integration and training for updates. NM clients pay Gross Receipts tax.

Hope describes her workflow:

My approach is simple:

First we speak on the phone to see if there is a match between us. During this call, I usually give a quick estimate for the cost of the site. If we find we are a good match, we schedule our first session. During the meeting, which lasts between 1 and 2 hours, we try to accomplish these tasks:

  1. We find the best possible domain name, if you don’t have one already.
  2. We find keyword phrases that match your ideal customers’ searches and plan how to incorporate them into your site.
  3. We decide whether to build a site on WordPress.com or a full-featured WordPress site on another host.
  4. We sign you up for hosting with either WordPress.com ($99/year) or *Cloud Access which offers Wordpress support as part of their $120/year hosting fee. This can not be over-valued! Why pay pricey me when you can often get many of your issues resolved for free? *Full disclosure: I am a proud affiliate of Cloud Access and make money when you sign up with them via this link.
  5. We explore the look-and-feel based on your preferences, choosing the best theme for your brand.
  6. If needed, we setup a (free) dropbox system that allows you to drag and drop images and text files into a folder on your desktop, which is mirrored on my computer.
  7. By the end of the first meeting, I can usually give a closer estimate for the cost of the site. If we are in agreement, you will give me a deposit of a third of the estimate. If for some reason there is no agreement, you will pay me for the meeting and keep all the research we have done to give to another designer of your choice.

Next, we go into production mode. I have a copious checklist that I use for each site I design, including security concerns for the full-blown WordPress sites. I keep careful track of my time and inform you as to the progress each step of the way, including any possible budget adjustments, in the off chance many changes to the plan are requested. The site in development will be live and visible to anyone with the URL, but not to search engines. So you get to watch the progress as we go, but no one searching “blind” will find the unfinished site. (Or we can set up a login so only you and I can see the site.)

Once we have the look and feel up and approved by you, before all the content is added, you will give me another third of the estimate. The balance will be due upon launch, at which time we can meet for a training session, teaching you how to update your site.

My goal is to hand you the keys and watch you drive the site away. If you chose the WordPress.com option, there is no maintenance to consider for security purposes. WordPress.com handles all of that and they offer chat support. Or, if you chose a wordpress.org site, I am happy to teach you how to keep your site updated for security purposes, as well as the theme and plugins, so that your need for me may be minimal down the road. If you are hosted by Cloud Access, they can help with many issues before I am brought in.You are also welcome to set up a maintenance arrangement with me.

I hope that answers some of your questions about how I work with clients. But feel free to call me if you have any more concerns, at 505-466-4447, or use my contact form. Read my Santa Fe Web Design testimonials too.

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Web Maintenance

All my sites are designed to make it as easy as possible for my clients to do their own updates. But some people like to hand off the whole business of updating their site to me. They send me emails with the updates and I do the work, for $130/hour. I’m fast! More often than not, the fee is $65 for updates.

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“My excitement is in enabling freelance/creatives and small business owners to compete online, without working too hard or spending mountains of money. This moment in Internet history is particularly exciting for the ‘little guy,’ since the competition is generally clueless about web marketing. A relatively small investment in time and money can truly make an enormous difference. I love teaching my clients to take the small, consistent steps that can take a site from obscurity to very high ranking. It’s amazing how confusing SEO has seemed to the average person, and to web designers for that matter! It’s not hard, it’s just a matter of a little knowledge going a long way.”
—Hope Kiah