I am very excited about Paypal.me. If you want an easy way to get paid, you may want to follow along by visiting the starter page: https://paypal.me. Click the Create Your PayPal.Me Link and enter a good name. (Mine is santafewebdesign, so the URL becomes https://paypal.me/santafewebdesign.) After picking the name, you will need to log in with your Paypal account, or create a new one, and follow the easy-peasy steps.

Once you have created your Paypal.me page, you can use the URL anyway you want. I usually share the URL over the phone, but I also put it in the footer of my website. You could even use it for every product in your site, with a specific price!! This really blows my mind.

Let’s say you are charging $150 for a product. Just add 150 to the end of the URL (include the tax and shipping if needed). See the screenshot.

When a buyer clicks on the url with the number at the end, your Paypal.me page automatically loads that number! So SIMPLE!! The only downside is that the buyer needs to log into their Paypal account, or create a new one. But once they log in, they can use their credit card. I love this system because it’s so much cheaper than paying for the creation of and maintenance for a shopping cart. Instead, you pay about 3% of each sale.

Okay, that’s my tip. I’m happy to help you get started. If you already have the login ready for your Paypal account, we could surely get your page established in half an hour at $65 plus tax. Please use my contact form to ask for Paypal.me setup help.