Have you noticed that a lot of event calendars online look dorky, like boring printed grid calendars? I have! Lately I needed to create an event calendar for a musician, me actually, and I wanted it to look cool and be responsive for mobile devices. I found the Event Organiser plugin by Steven Harris, for WordPress. When combined with a second plugin of his called the Event Organiser Posterboard, you can create a “posterboard” style of calendar. When you click on the title of an event, it takes you to a page with all the info including a Google Map. (You need to get your Google Map API for this to work. (Go here and click on GET A KEY.)

These plugins are free and easy to install. Just go to your WordPress dashboard, in the left black column, click on PLUGINS > ADD NEW and put “event organiser” (spelled with an S, not Z) in the search field. The first two results should be the correct ones:


Click on INSTALL and ACTIVATE for each one. After that, you’ll see an EVENTS link in the left column of your dashboard. From there you can create categories, venues, and finally events that can be assigned to categories and venues. Each category can have a different color as mine do. Note that if you click on the category link at the bottom of any event, you will be redirected to a blog-like list of all events in that category. Each event can be one-time, recurring, or custom. The recurring events can be told which dates do not recur. It’s really brilliant. The venue addresses generate Google Maps. When you click on the name of the venue at the top of an event, you will again be redirected to a blog-like list of all events at that venue.

Once you’ve created your categories, events and venues, you can do the simplest thing to create your magical posterboard. Just  paste [ event_board ] (without the spaces around event_board) into your post or page, and save. Voila, you have a cool, responsive posterboard calendar that responds to all digital devices beautifully.

Have fun with your events!