instinctive golf

This site was so much fun to make! Jerry Brown is an awesome golf teacher, poet, and an amazing person to boot. His inspirational short poems speak to his instinctive golf approach, and fit perfectly with the randomized banners on his home page, which display different poems each time you load the site.

Jerry Brown is the author of Awaken Your Inner Golfer. Jerry took up golf at age ten and has been a student of the game for over fifty years. He was fortunate to have his Dad and a local golf professional guide him in learning how to play golf through experience rather than instruction. He was encouraged to learn through play and fun, and exploration and discovery, rather than being taught golf techniques and golf mechanics. He is forever grateful. Jerry was “taught” a guiding philosophy to ‘keep it simple’ which proved to be an effective approach allowing him to play some collegiate golf and competitive amateur golf despite some physical challenges.

An instinctive golf approach has guided Jerry in developing a deeper understanding of the value and permanence of learning through self-discovery. He learned how to tap into the instinctive kinesthetic intelligence that resides within each of us. He learned about the sense of freedom that develops when we quiet our mind and engage our body. Coaching others has reinforced his firm belief that effective foundations of grip and posture are necessary to access innate instincts to produce an effective golf swing.

To help others access their instinctive kinesthetic intelligence, Jerry developed an extensive collection of instinct-awakening golf exercises (not drills) to ‘awaken the inner golfer’. In coaching others to explore the variety of golf exercises, a sense of mindfulness and present moment awareness became evident in those who trialed the exercises. This awareness, along with the stimulation of instinctive kinesthetic intelligence within, led to dramatic improvements. Jerry’s desire to share this instinctive golf approach with others developed into the Awaken Your Inner Golfer book.