greatness-filterJohn Jantzch always has great advice for any business owner. This article includes some advice that I want to integrate more fully into my daily life. Quoting from the article, these are the attitudes he recommends:

  • Positive Energy – I want to bring positive energy to every room, every meeting, every phone call and every one on one conversation. For me that starts with reminding myself how fortunate I am to get to go on the particular adventure I’ve chosen.
  • Curiosity – I want to look at everything in new ways, challenge the routine and dig under the hood and find out why something might work and how something might work better if I stop to question the “this is how we do it” mentality.
  • Non-judgement – I want to stay open to the genius in everyone and everything (even if it seems like a mere morsel of genius.) By closing down and prejudging people and situations I cut off what’s ultimately possible only through deep, meaningful relationships. Non-judgement is a tremendous way to add value. I keep these three words and concepts with me throughout the day and use them as my filter as I enter every new situation and evaluate every happening. One of the ways you make this thinking permanent is to look at how you acted and reacted after the fact and figure out how to do a better job next time.