Well, I’m bummed. I like the way GoDaddy works as a rule. I love their control panel interface. They are the easiest registrar I’ve ever dealt with. But I just realized that you can do a WHOIS search on their site in a way that does nothing to protect the privacy of domain name owners. A WHOIS search basically tells you the details of the owner of any given domain. Most sites that offer a WHOIS search function force you to use a captcha form where you type those squiggly characters. This is great because it prevents robots and spiders from filling out the form and gleaning private information for spamming purposes.

I used to think that ALL WHOIS search functions used captcha forms, but GoDaddy doesn’t. Of course, if the owner of a domain has purchased “privacy” for their domain, then the personal information is not revealed even with the captcha form. But now that some companies like GoDaddy are releasing this information without captcha protection, we all HAVE to purchase privacy: just one more thing we have to pay for to try and stay ahead of hackers and spammers. I’m disappointed in GoDaddy.