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Two duos these days: Shimmer with Carol Calvert on harp and vocals, and High Desert Duo with Vinnie Kelley on guitar and vocals!

High Desert Duo

Fun news on my musical end: awesome singer/guitarist Vinnie Kelley and I have formed the High Desert Duo. (You may have seen Vinnie playing around town, with the Blues Review and other bands.) We play funky, jazzy baby boomer tunes and more. Vinnie is jumping in with very cool arrangements and impressive guitar work. I love the conversations happening between his guitar and my flute.

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Video of Hope playing Moondance at Jazz Camp in 2013.
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Hope Kiah, flute, and Vinnie Kelley, guitar/vocals in Santa Fe, NM

A clip from the song “She’s Not There” at High Desert Duo’s gig at Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado @ Santa Fe, NM on 2/17/17.

Our public gig was at Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado on Friday, February 17. The Upper Crust gig was so jammed, people couldn’t get seats and had to leave. Extreme fun! We have back-to-back gigs coming up at Upper Crust, Saturday March 18, 5:30 – 8:30 pm in Eldorado and Sunday March 19, 5:30-8:30 pm  in the downtown Santa Fe location.

For those of you who expressed concern about our lack of amplification at Upper Crust last time, no worries. We’ll have mild amping from now on.

A clip from the song “Spooky” at High Desert Duo’s gig at a private party on 12/30/2016.


I am so lucky to be playing with harpist/vocalist Carol Calvert. As cliché as it sounds, her voice really is angelic, and her harp playing is the perfect foundation for our harmonies and flute improv. We play celtic/medieval/new-age music, often at the Loretto Chapel.

Please call Hope if you’d like to discuss booking Shimmer for a restaurant, wedding, funeral or dinner. Click to Call 505.920.2256

This is one example of music by the duo, Shimmer, with Carol Calvert on vocals and harp, and Hope Kiah on flute.

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