You can get at the top of search results easier with your free Google Place listing. HERE’S HOW: First, you should claim your Google Place page. Search for your site in Google. In the far left column, choose MORE under VIDEO and select PLACES. Your place should show up. No? Scroll down and keep looking. Once you find it, look to the right of your listing and click on PLACE PAGE. In the upper right, see if it says “Owner Verified Listing” or “Business Owner?” If it’s not verified, click on BUSINESS OWNER? and follow the steps to claim your listing. Once that’s done, you can edit your listing, adding photos, categories, videos and coupons. Go for it! Now look at the far upper right of your place page and click on the link icon. Copy that link and save it. Wait a few days and go to that URL to make sure your place page has all the new info you added. Now you need to get some STARS to improve your ranking. Send emails to your happiest customers with the link to your place page. Ask them to review your place. This can make a BIG difference in how high you rank in Google, whether you have a website or not!