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NOTE: Hope Kiah is a proud affiliate with Cloud Access. All the links to Cloud Access on this site are affiliate links which can generate income for her.

Since 1998, I have been designing websites professionally. I have built hundreds of sites and worked with many many hosts. Until the last few years, I was enamored with Bluehost more than any other. They answer the phone and in many ways do a great job. But since then I have found a smaller host that beats Bluehost. (CA) started out as a Joomla host and they do an amazing job with Joomla, which is NOT the case with Bluehost. CA offers free Joomla support, included in their $120/year hosting fee. This service pays for itself pretty fast when users don’t have to call their web designer, like me, to help with simple Joomla issues. I moved dozens of my Joomla people to Cloud Access, which has been great, minus some issues with email, which I admit is not their strong suit. On that note, however, I will say that once they get your email working on all your devices, it’s relatively smooth sailing.

I’m happy to say that for more than two years now, Cloud Access has been hosting WordPress, and offering their same free support. In that time they have made great strides in supporting WordPress issues. I’ve been extremely impressed with the help they offer my WordPress clients. WordPress is way more popular than Joomla, for a wide array of reasons, so I’m thrilled that Cloud Access has stepped up to this platform. It has been a joy to work with this company. Here’s why:

For one thing, and this is big, their ticketing system is fantastic. Bluehost doesn’t hold a match, much less a candle to CA for support tickets. I was terribly frustrated by Bluehost’s support ticket system, which was such a mess that when you heard back from them, you couldn’t tell what question they were answering. CA keeps the entire record of tickets online, easy to access on their CCP. I find myself referring back to answers they gave me earlier and not needing to call for support. They’re smart!!

Secondly, if you call CA for support during the weekdays, you ALWAYS get someone in the USA who speaks and understands English beautifully and is very helpful and friendly. If they can’t answer your question, they push it up to Admin and you will get an answer. I talk to them frequently and know the support team by name. How fantastic is that??

Thirdly, CA’s manual backup system is FANTASTIC. If you have any concerns about some changes you’re about to make on your site, just log into the CCP and hit a button to make a backup. If the site breaks, you hit the RESTORE button, and boom! You’re back where you were before the changes were made. I LOVE this feature and use it all the time.

So as a long-time web designer, I can say without question that working with Cloud Access has been a HUGE relief for me. I was in the megahost trenches for years and now feel incredibly happy to be working with Cloud Access. I’ve worked with Godaddy too and found them ready to drop the ball when it comes to the level of detailed support that my clients need.

So feel confident signing up with who I consider to be the best WordPress Host around: Cloud Access.